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By doing this one exercise, you can take the frustration and stress out of your entire day in a flash.

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How many times in your life have you done or said something out of anger that you immediately regretted after? We all have instances where we come home feeling ticked off about something that happened earlier in the day. Whether it’s because of an argument with friends, the current political climate, your boss having a disrespectful attitude or someone cutting you off in traffic, all of us experience anger one way or another.

Unfortunately, people tend to take out their anger and frustrations on the people they love, even if the problem had nothing to do with them. I’ve personally seen this type of issue ruin relationships, friendships, families, and business partnerships more times than I can count.

An example of this would be someone who absolutely loathes their job comes home after a long day in a toxic mood and projects it onto their partner, friend, roommate, etc. One issue (that may seem minor) can end up igniting a huge argument because this person has so much pent up anger and frustration from being miserable at work all day.

All of a sudden, now there is a serious fight due to one person’s inability to control their anger from a problem that had nothing to do with the other individual to begin with. Hurtful and demeaning insults are traded and the situation escalates into a whole other level. I always wonder how many violent crimes, divorces, breakups, or broken friendships are caused because of one’s failure to quell their anger; my guess would be far too many.

Personally, I have found myself getting angry far more often since Donald Trump became president in 2016. I would see something appalling on the news or read something shameful online that I disagreed with, and it would enrage me for the entire day. My energy was becoming toxic and I was starting to become a different person due to all the chaos in the current political climate.

I also used to find myself having road rage that got exponentially worse as time went on. Living in Massachusetts, it’s very difficult to not have some form of road rage because drivers here have a notorious reputation for being erratic and extremely aggressive. I’ve witnessed drivers get into fights at traffic lights because of minor things like the person forgetting to use their turn signal or someone cutting the other person off.

Is a mere turn signal really worth ruining your life with a felony assault and battery charge?… Absolutely not; there has to be a better way for people to get their anger out. One thing I realized is that it’s never about the turn signal or cutting someone off, their true anger always lies deeper and looks for any excuse to emerge.

I needed to find a healthy and productive way to unload my anger so I didn’t completely succumb to its darkness and negativity. I know that exercise relieves stress, but I was consistently going to the gym 4 days a week and it still wasn’t enough to fully offset my anger.

When I was little, I had a difficult time controlling my temper. I remember my parents always telling me to punch a pillow because it will get all the anger out safely and in a healthy way. I thought about this and did some research online to see what else could help me. I ended up purchasing a free-standing punching bag (seen in the picture below) and let me tell you, it was a game changer.

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Owning a punching bag completely transformed my life. I finally had a healthy way to blow off some steam and get my anger under control. After a frustrating day at work or dealing with other drama, throwing on some boxing gloves and hitting this giant bag for five to ten minutes provides a healthy and safe release from my anger that I personally couldn’t get anywhere else.

Even just after a few punches, I already notice significant improvement in my energy and emotional mindset. It feels amazing to let loose and unleash your inner warrior on this bag. It truly builds confidence and anyone who’s used one before knows exactly what I mean.

As humans, a lot of the decisions we make are based on our current emotional state in the moment, rather than being based on logical reasoning. I finally found a healthy, fun and productive outlet for my anger and stress and it has resulted in me becoming a happier person.

Hitting a punching bag also provides an excellent cardio workout at the same time and can help build up self defense skills. Even when I decided to purchase my punching bag, I never thought it would have this much of a positive impact on my life.

Whether it is this specific punching bag or other types, I highly recommend purchasing one. Punching bags can also be used by the entire family! It’s never too early to help children learn healthy ways to get rid of their anger and stress, while also building up their confidence and self defense skills.

My friends hear me say it all the time, but I truly believe every household should own a punching bag as it is a safe and effective way to unload all the anger and stress life brings. I promise that doing so will have you feeling less angry and stressed overall.

Thank you very much for reading! Please let me know what you think in the comments and CLICK HERE to see more articles I’ve written about all sorts of different topics.



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